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Hello! We had a fantastic weather last weekend in London. Well, it only rained most of Saturday. I decided to go for a few walks to take in some nice reviving air and practice some photography (again!). During my Saturday morning run along the river, I could not help but noticing the colour of the leaves. I am lucky, the river path is like a little enchanted forest, full of many varieties of trees and little wildlife. These leaves were very yellow but were still showing a little bit of green, like a gradient to express summer, slowly fading out, and fall coming in.



So I had to start collecting the leaves I liked, and on the way back I noticed the ones I collected were all quite similar, still green, and a little yellow, the kind of colour that marks the beginning of fall, and I absolutely love the tints it created! So I decided to put a little moodboard together, full of a punchy energy yet soft with its neutral colours. I hope you like it!


Happy Monday to you all!


Ce week-end j’ai eu envie de collectionner quelques feuilles. La tradition fait qu’en Automne, ce sont des feuilles mortes que l’on ramasse; toutefois pendant ma course matinale du Samedi le long de la Tamise, j’ai plutot eu l’impression de ramasser des feuilles qui partageaient encore une touche d’ete a travers leurs lignes encore vertes ici et la. Du coup je n’ai pas pu m’empecher d’en rapporter quelques unes et d’en creer un moodboard pour mes prochaines creations. Cela m’a fait penser a une belle et lente transition avec un degrade d’ete qui se meurt et d’Automne qui se rapproche doucement…

Sur ce, bon Lundi!

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My (very first) Little Box



I have been idle on here for a while, busy to catch up in real life with: holidays, DIY projects (coming up soon!), painting and hand-lettering courses, and spending time with family! I went to France for a few days, and when I came back to London I was so happy to see that a parcel was waiting for me at the Post Office! It was My Little Box, the first one I ordered since the company is just launching in the UK. I saw it on some French blogs a few weeks ago and loved the illustrations and the concept. I had subscribed to other boxes in the past but did not like the fact that all of it was beauty/make up related and I would end up not using the products. This one is different though, let me tell you why… Continue Reading…

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A weekend by the seaside: Hayling Island


I have been living in London for 4 years. Before that, I was living by the French seaside for 25 years. Guess what? Yes, I miss the seaside a lot. So whenever a new opportunity comes for me to escape to see a blue top and a blue bottom, I go for it. And that is how I landed on Hayling island on a very British Saturday rainy morning.  Continue Reading…


Paperfest 2014: top 5 tips from the speakers

Rifle notebook and dream big cookie

Last week I attended my very first all day event in London, Paperfest 2014. I feel that I am at a stage where I need to find what I really want to do and where I want to get specialised in. I mostly work as a digital designer, but the thing is, I have always been in love with paper. So the trick is: can I reconnect with print design before it is too late? I was hoping Paperfest would give me the answer… Continue Reading…